August 20th: Mehren

Got up late today and went running along the Rhine. It was peaceful and beautiful. It was also historic since I ran along medieval walls lining the river! Boat traffic and trains went screaming by and the swift flowing river kept everything fresh.

I had big plans today. We were going to spend the afternoon in Mehren and then head to Cologne. As I write this, we are still in Mehren, the boyhood home of my great-great grandfather, Johann Borsch and are glad we stayed (we are in Michel's Pension, a B&B in Mehren).

Johann emigrated from here in 1854 to Minnesota but left behind relatives. We have an appointment tomorrow with Father Helmos of the local Catholic Church to uncover whatever details we can. Then off to Cologne.

Mehren, Germany outside Bonn. A beautiful and picturesque town of just a few hundred.


We're here at last!


We find Mehren Kirche, the Catholic Church and arrange to meet with Father Helmos.


A memorial to the "gefallen", the soldiers who died in the last twoWorld Wars from Mehren.


Oh my gosh! We see the names of Math. Borsch who died in 1914 in WWI.

Also here is Joh. Borsch and another Joh. Borsch! Hopefully, we'll find out who they were tomorrow.


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